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Updated: 1 hour 57 min ago

Inflation May Be Beating Billing Rates Increases

Wed, 10/12/2022 - 06:00

The new findings point to even more troubling signs for 2022 law firm profits.


US Government Pays $125M to Settle Class Action Over PACER Fees

Tue, 10/11/2022 - 21:28

Under a settlement filed on Tuesday, class members are expected to receive up to $350 each in refunds for PACER fees they paid.


US Lawyers Spending Only One-Third of Their Workday on Billable Hours

Tue, 10/11/2022 - 20:29

With realization up, a new Clio report finds that every hour of work has become more valuable to firms.


Rancher's 'Ghost Cattle' Scheme One of Largest-Ever Fraud Convictions in State

Tue, 10/11/2022 - 20:20

"The amount he stole—nearly a quarter of a billion dollars—would have funded the combined police, courts, and fire department budget of Yakima, which is a city of nearly 100,000 people, for more than four years," said Assistant U.S. Attorney Brian M. Donovan.